Julia Knight-Jones

Knight-Jones Equestrian

"Hi Eiddwen. Rode Rebel yesterday in the school for first time since you came out and just wanted to let you know he felt much better thanks to your hard work the other day!! Hope the dressage judge notices as well on Tuesday!"

Kerie Coutts

Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre

"We'd like to thank Eiddwen at Animal Balance, Eiddwen gave Asha a treatment after a rough play session with another dog. The treatment was 2 days before Crufts and it made a great difference and freed up her movement. We have no doubt this contributed to Asha being placed third in her class at Crufts. We would thoroughly recommend Eiddwen, who had an experienced and sensitive manner with Asha. Thank you once again" 

Debbie Cocklin

Good Foundations Training

"Nothing ever seems to be a problem to Eiddwen, she genuinely has the horse’s best interest in mind and always allows enough time at each appointment to discuss exercises and stretches that will help improve any issues etc. and I am very grateful to have found someone so helpful and genuine.

Thanks for everything Eiddwen!"

Karen Callaghan

Friendly Paws Dog Training

"I am so glad I found Eiddwen to help with my border collies spondalosis back problem I have tried many things but after sessions I can see Madi is feeling so much more supple and with only the odd pain killer this is so natural and much more worthy than other things we have tried and makes perfect sense to release muscle tension with this problem."

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Eiddwen Skellon

Vicky Richards

The Horseboy Foundation

"Hi Eiddwen, Thank you so much for fitting me in so quickly today and for spending so much time at such short notice. You have really put my mind at rest over my horses back. I really appreciate the time you took to explain both the tightness and the impact of the saddle so I can keep on top of things as Xilo's rehab progresses. I hope I can avoid causing any new behavior issues having learnt what to look for in his muscle development and I am sure he will love your prescribed treat streches for that all important lumbar region! You will definatley be a regular part of our rehab strategy and hopefully well into our competition career in the new year! Thanks again."

Jeanie Moir

Doggie Doodahs

"Eiddwen has been to see Sammy twice now since my super clean 14 year old Parson dog starting messing in the house. She found he had considerable lower back problems and the treatment provided has made a dramatic difference. Not only is he a clean dog again but with suggested exercises to strengthen his back and hind quarters is a happier, stronger dog."

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Animal Therapy Services




Like people, animals suffer from back pain and musculoskeletal discomfort.  Often the initial signs are subtle but over time they can develop into changes in temperament, unwillingness to exercise and loss of performance.


True balance begins with correct skeletal alignment and muscle development, enabling the body to function without restriction or discomfort.


Animal-Balance provides treatments for horses and dogs throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas.  We use gentle, non-invasive techniques to reduce pain and achieve physiological balance, if required we can discuss management practices to improve yur animals mental balance and provide you with rehabilitative exercises to help you promote future physical balance.







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Julia Knight-Jones, Knight-Jones Equestrian


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