Animal-Balance Prices 2016


At Animal-Balance we do our best to provide flexible, affordable care. Our priority is to ensuring your animal receives the treatment required to promote full recovery and physiological balance.

Prices include travel expense up to a 20mile radius of Southampton. Over this distance additional call out fees will be charged at 40p per mile.


Canine Treatment Consultation - £30


Equine Treatment Consulatation - £50

Treatment consultation includes a basic saddle assessment,

this is not equivelent to a full saddle fitting consultation


Saddle Fitting Consultation - £35 + adjustment costs:


Treatment + Saddle Fitting Consultation - £70 + adjustment costs:


Adjustment Costs:

Flocking adjustments - £15

Gullet bars - from £20

Full reflock and refit - £100

Girth strap replacement from £10


Group discounts available (please ask for details)


N.B. Any animals presenting with undiagnosed lameness or signs of underlying illness must legally be referred back to your vet for diagnosis before treatment can be given.  In such cases a call out fee of upto £20 may apply to cover travel costs and time.


Appointment Times


Daytime, Evening and Weekend Appointments are available to fit around your busy schedule. 


 Please note, evening appointments will require a reasonable sized (at least 20m length) flat area, with adequate lighting to carryout a full gait analysis and assessment.