Julia Knight-Jones

Knight-Jones Equestrian

"Hi Eiddwen. Rode Rebel yesterday in the school for first time since you came out and just wanted to let you know he felt much better thanks to your hard work the other day!! Hope the dressage judge notices as well on Tuesday!"

Kerie Coutts

Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre

"We'd like to thank Eiddwen at Animal Balance, Eiddwen gave Asha a treatment after a rough play session with another dog. The treatment was 2 days before Crufts and it made a great difference and freed up her movement. We have no doubt this contributed to Asha being placed third in her class at Crufts. We would thoroughly recommend Eiddwen, who had an experienced and sensitive manner with Asha. Thank you once again" 

Debbie Cocklin

Good Foundations Training

"Nothing ever seems to be a problem to Eiddwen, she genuinely has the horse’s best interest in mind and always allows enough time at each appointment to discuss exercises and stretches that will help improve any issues etc. and I am very grateful to have found someone so helpful and genuine.

Thanks for everything Eiddwen!"

Karen Callaghan

Friendly Paws Dog Training

"I am so glad I found Eiddwen to help with my border collies spondalosis back problem I have tried many things but after sessions I can see Madi is feeling so much more supple and with only the odd pain killer this is so natural and much more worthy than other things we have tried and makes perfect sense to release muscle tension with this problem."

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What to Expect From Our Service:


Booking a Treatment


When you first contact Animal-Balance (either by phone, facebook or email) we will discuss your requirements in detail.  During this initial consultation we will record information about the symptoms or areas of concern, your contact details and your veterinarian’s details*.  This consultation gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the treatments and services provided by Animal-Balance, we will do our best to arrange a consultation time and date that fits around your needs, regular evening and weekend appointments are available.


*It is a legal requirement that all complementary therapists work under veterinary consent (Veterinary Act 1966).  By contacting your veterinarian, Animal-Balance is able to discuss any underlying conditions and ensure your animal receives a safe, appropriate treatment that will promote long-term health.


Initial Consultation


The first consultation and treatment session will usually last around 1hr for dogs and 1 1/2 hrs for horses.  A detailed case history will be recorded compiling information regarding: past injuries and illnesses, previous exercise/work regimes, current exercise/work regimes, current lifestyle and management practices and any areas of concern such as changes of temperament/performance or signs of pain and discomfort.  This information will give an insight into the possible causes of both short and long term misalignments and muscle spasms which may be causing discomfort or changes to the animal’s way of going.


A full gait analysis and static assessment will be carried out, allowing the practitioner to study your animals movement and muscle development.  Noting any areas of atrophy or restriction enables a practitioner to assess the main areas of discomfort and weakness, and suggests which rehabilitation exercises will be most advatagious to aid recovery.


Hands on assessment will be made and appropriate treatment given; each treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs using a mixture of McTimoney spinal manipulation and Sports Massage techniques to relieve areas of skeletal misalignment and muscle spasm.


Following treatment we will discuss the main problem areas found and the possible causes with you.  A detailed aftercare plan will be provided outlining the following:

  • Follow up treatments needed - some cases require an initial course of treatments to ensure complete recovery and promote correct rehabilitation to prevent reoccurrence
  • Initial aftercare instructions – these will vary depending on your management practices but a rest period is always recommended after treatment to allow the body to process the treatment
  • Detailed 7 day aftercare plan – after treatment you will need to reintroduce your exercise regime gradually, to ensure your animal gets the most from its treatment I will provided a tailored plan for you to follow for the week after treatment
  • Rehabilative exercises – depending on the individual circumstances it may be appropriate to introduce specific stretches or exercises that you can carry out to promote long term healing, these will be demonstrated for you and recorded in your aftercare plan
  • Lifestyle changes – in certain cases small changes to your animals routine or management can make a large difference to its physiological balance  

Follow up Treatments

After your initial treatment we will discuss any necessary follow up treatments, if a course of treatments is not required it is still recommended that your animal receives maintenance treatments every 4-6 months, this will ensure correct alignments is maintained and prevent any injuries that occur during this period from manifesting into larger problems long-term.  

For competition animals maintenance treatments are recommended before the competition season begins to ensure optimum performance, and again at the end of the season to aid the body’s recovery and promote long-term health.


Animal-Balance will work with you to provide the most effective treatment and aftercare plan possible to promote the long-term

health and performance of your animal.